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Before Users Enter

Some users need access to enterprise apps before they have an account:



After Users Exit

Some users need access to enterprise apps after their account has been terminated:



“External” Users

Some users need access to enterprise apps but aren’t eligible for a core identity:

Contractors & Collaborators
Continuing Education

Customers Love Us

“Cirrus Identity’s Gateway solution was quick to implement; the Cirrus team really understood what we needed and was great to work with.”

Lois Brooks
CIO at Oregon State University (former)

“I think it’s safe to say that the Cirrus Gateway will be playing an integral role in helping the astronomical community understand the universe we live in. Which, by my reckoning, is about as cool and important as it gets.”

Warren Anderson
Scientist at UWM and Identity Lead at LIGO

“Cirrus Identity has reduced calls to our help desk, allowing us to focus more on important issues and less on account creation and forgotten passwords.”

Todd Haddaway
Sr Director - Identity and Middleware Engineering

Identity Federation

Cirrus Identity’s Bridge service makes it easy to add your existing enterprise identities to identity federations like InCommon.

We integrate easily with Microsoft Azure AD, and other commercial identity solutions.

We can create custom federations so you can easily share services between multiple organizations, and we can add social login, too!

What We Offer

Easy integration of social login to your enterprise web SSO environment.

Link external identities from social login or our external identity provider to your organization identifiers.

Designate authorized enterprise account holders to “sponsor” external guests.

A non-social login option. Use our Identity Provider of Last Resort or brand your own external identity provider that we host.

A single identity provider endpoint that supports sophisticated attribute capabilities, federation with multiple identity providers, and protocol translation.

A solution for when your existing IAM solution is not InCommon-friendly or needs to support mesh style federation.


Streamlining Access at Top Universities and Research Organizations in the World


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